Spending time with your kids this Christmas Holidays?

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Spending time with your kids this Christmas Holidays?

This Christmas will be a little different to what we are normally used to. With COVID-19 affecting visitations and border restrictions reducing travel, families may find it difficult to host their usual Christmas get togethers with the ones they love.

Tensions can also start to rise between parents regarding who will see their kids at Christmas. With the Christmas Holidays just around the corner we encourage families to ensure they are organised and have necessary documents in place so they can spend time with their children this Christmas. If you are planning to spend time with your children, you need to have your mediation organised or documents filed with the Court within the next few weeks.

There are no entitlements for parents to spend equal time during Christmas. It is important to remember that Christmas is supposed to be a happy time for our children, with Santa on his way, Christmas lights and candy canes. It’s not a time for parents to engage in custody disagreements and cause distress to their children.

Some tips to avoid issues during the Christmas break include:

  • Have clear communication between both parents.
  • Be organised. Have a plan, including mutual drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Organise a third party representative to collect and drop-off children should the parents be unable to present themselves in a civil manner.

If you need assistance with shared custody or want to discuss more about how to make a plan to see your children at Christmas, please make an appointment with Joshua Whale to discuss your options, call on 02 6542 5566.

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