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Each year Halletts Solicitors organise a sponsors’ day for Muswellbrook  Rugby Union Club.

A day was organised on 15th August 2009, at Highbrook Park Muswellbrook, to provide the opportunity for sponsors and supporters to cheer on the local Rugby teams and for the Muswellbrook Rugby Union Club to show their appreciation to all of their sponsors for 2009.

On the day our local Rugby teams faced off against Pokolbin in two great, well fought matches.

In Reserve Grade the Heelers lost to Pokolbin 19 – 5.

And in First Grade the Heelers lost to Pokolbin 33 – 12.

 Thank you to the Pokolbin teams who were such great sports on the day.

Along with some great commentating by Michael O’Brien, a Partner at Halletts Solicitors, the crowd was kept entertained all afternoon.

Having Mick at the microphone certainly kept Simon Clift at Cellarbrations on his toes.  Mick announced several bogus advertisements for cheap beer at Clifty’s store, which resulted in many customers turning up in the hope of purchasing a bargain.  This eventually prompted the staff at Cellarbrations to make a phone call to the ground asking for Mick to be removed from the microphone.

But, for those of you who know Mick, that was not going to happen.

At the end of a great day, all in attendance gathered for the presentation. Pokolbin took this opportunity to thank the Heelers and their sponsors for putting on such an awesome day, and for the hospitability that they received.  They commented that this does not happen at any other game.

Halletts Solicitors would like to thank all of Muswellbrook Rugby Union Club’s sponsors who showed up on the day to support the team.

Special thanks to the following people:-

* Tracey and our own Kerrie Everingham for their time spent preparing and serving so much wonderful food,

* Noelene and the many others for their hard work throughout the day helping to keep the food circulating,

* and Kylie for her great service behind the bar and for keeping the drinks flowing.

After such a successful day this season, we now hope to have an even greater Sponsors’ Day next year.  Hopefully we will see you there!

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