Mobile Phone Detection Cameras : WARNING!

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Mobile Phone Detection Cameras : WARNING!

Mobile phone detection cameras went live on NSW roads on 1 December 2019. These detection cameras will be both fixed and mobile. Unlike speed cameras there will be no warning signs to give drivers a heads up.

Penalties are severe. Drivers will accrue 5 demerit points and receive a $344 fine. If the offence occurs in a school zone then the fine will rise to $457. During double demerit periods the accrued demerits points will be 10.

Drivers on a learner or provisional licence must keep in mind that any usage of a mobile phone is prohibited whilst driving. This includes blue tooth operation. Drivers on a full licence can only utilise their mobile phone if it is either secured in a cradle fixed to the vehicle or operable without touching the phone (such as through a blue tooth connection to controls on the steering wheel).

If you receive a Penalty Notice and require advice on challenging it or challenging a decision of the Roads and Maritime Service to suspend your licence then please make an appointment to meet with our team on 02 6542 5566.

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