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Family Law and Property Settlement

It appears there is a common misconception throughout the Upper Hunter that Family Law Property Settlements in which one spouse is employed in the mining industry and the other is not must result in a net asset percentage split that is unfavourable to the spouse who is employed in the mining industry.

Figures such as 60% / 80% nett split in favour of the non-mining industry spouse are often touted as to be the expected result however it is important that people understand that every property settlement is different and the result will vary depending upon the size of the asset pool, the individual circumstances of each of the parties, contributions, income and importantly the manner in which the property settlement is undertaken.

At Equilaw we will make every effort to ensure that your matter is settled promptly out of Court by way of direct negotiations and/or mediation.

Already in May 2019 we have settled two property matters by way of negotiation with a disbursement to the spouse employed in the mining industry of 47% and 48% respectively.

If you have separated or are in the process of separating please make an appointment to meet with us for a confidential and thorough assessment of your position.

Ben can be contacted on 02 6542 5566 or at: [email protected]

Ben Hoffman ­was admitted to the Practice of Law in September 2006.  Ben has extensive advocacy experience in the Local Court, District Court and Federal Circuit Courts.  Ben’s primary areas of practice are –  family law, criminal law and traffic law.

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