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Protect your wishes and contact us to write a Will, arrange Power of Attorney and Guardianship. We also advise on Probate and if you are a Beneficiary of a Will.

Do you know who would look after your children? Would your spouse and relatives survive financially? If you were in an accident and left mentally incapacitated who would look after your well-being and your finances on your behalf?

Planning your Estate is one of the most important services Equilaw offers.

We can help you put together a simple Estate Plan which involves the following:

  • A Will – outlining who will receive your assets and whom you nominate as the guardian of your children.
  • Enduring Power of Attorney – to manage financial and legal matters if you lose your capacity to self-manage.
  • Enduring Guardian – to manage your health and lifestyle if you lose your capacity to self-manage.

Your death could become a legal nightmare for your loved ones if you have not prepared an Estate Plan. Even if you do not think you have enough assets or net worth to warrant having a simple Will it may stop any disputes arising during the Probate period.

We also offer advice on more complicated areas of Estate Planning such as:

  • Securing the best financial arrangements for your spouse and children including Testamentary Trusts.
  • Orderly continuation of business interests.