Significant Changes Are Coming to The Land Title System

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Significant Changes Are Coming to The Land Title System

You may have seen our post on social media regarding the abolition of Certificates of Title. So, what happens now?

On 11 October 2021, branded ‘Cessation Day’, all current Certificates of Title (“CT”) will cease to have a legal effect and CTs will no longer be issued. This change is by order under Section 33AAA of the Real Property Act 1900.

As a result, paper dealings will no longer be accepted and all dealings will be done electronically. Fortunately, our conveyancing team are experienced in electronic dealings and believe this welcomed change will be beneficial for our clients.

The Torrens Title Register remains and has always been the single source of truth as to a person’s ownership or interest in land. For landowners, you may receive an Information Notice where you would traditionally receive a CT. This Information Notice will be a written record of the dealings and date of registration.

For landowners of unencumbered land, you do not have to do anything in relation to this change. For landowners who plan to make dealings in the next six (6) months, make sure you hold onto your CT, even after 11 October 2021. This is to ensure you have the proper requirements for current or
ongoing dealings.

Those who own unencumbered land, but have someone else holding or storing their CT, may wish to request to have it back. If we hold your CT in our safe keeping and you wish to have it back, please call our friendly team on 02 6542 5566 and we will be happy to assist you with your request.

For more information regarding this change, visit Changes to the land title system.

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