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We provide all your legal requirements when buying or selling a house or property including contracts, dealing with the bank, searches and settlement.

We assist you in all facets of your purchase or sale, from negotiating contractual terms to advising on subdivisions, stamp duty, land and title searches and any other important issues which may arise during your property transaction.

If you are a vendor selling property we assist with:

  • Preparation of the contract prior to listing with a real estate agent or if you are marketing privately
  • Liaise with the purchaser on contractual terms before signing and exchanging contracts
  • Assist settlement and the handover of deeds

If you are a purchaser buying a property we assist with:

  • Building and inspection report requests from relevant authorities
  • Liaising with the vendor on contractual terms before signing and exchanging contracts
  • Facilitate settlement and payment to the vendor
  • Where applicable attend to the registration of sale

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